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Our Web Design

Every project is a little different, so be sure to check your scope of work for the final project inclusions, but below is a typical web design project roadmap.


Phase 1: Planning & Prep

Creative Brief​

  • Interview to fully understand and plan your audience, product value, and brand messaging.


  • Decide on the site's table of contents: What pages go where and what general content we'll plan for each page.

Storybranding (optional add-on)

  • An in-depth process to develop highly strategic brand messaging that will resonate with your audience and increase sale and conversion.

Gather text content


  • Form a first draft of all the text to go on all pages. This might include descriptions or data for your products, services, process, portfolio of past work, client reviews, contact info, company policies, blog posts, or product details (title, description, price, etc).

  • Optional add-on: We may also offer copywriting services to further finesse the wording, headlines, and overall tone so that it aligns with your brand and brand objectives.​

Gather media content


  • We'll take inventory of any photos, videos, or brand assets (like a logo) you may already have.​

  • Original photos and video of your specific products or staff are not included in the standard cost of a website. But we can provide stock images and video and we've found that 80% of cases are best served using only stock media.

Phase 2: Design & Build Out

Homepage or Style Tile

  • This is our chance to establish the cornerstone of the website's style: it's fonts, colors, icons, and overall tone and style. Depending on the scope of work, we will either do a few preliminary style tiles first, or just jump straight to the homepage's design.

Remaining Pages

  • After the homepage is approved, all subsequent pages will then be design based on the style established and the text content drafted.

Mobile Site Optimization

  • After all pages are 100% approved, we'll design the mobile version. Your website will look great whether it's viewed on an iMac, laptop, ipad, or phone.

Phase 3: Wrap Up

SEO Setup

  • We'll index your website on Google, add relevant metadata to each page so it's content is more easily discoverable on all search engines, and set up a handful of strategic keywords so you're ready to be found online.

 Behind the Scenes Setup

  • Ensure all required technical ​configurations are in place: Your domain is connected, your have a premium Wix subscription, your blog authors are registered and trained, your payment methods are connected and ready to receive payment, etc.


  • All text proofread, hyperlinks checked, contact forms tested, and purchase process tested.

Training & Handoff

  • We empower our clients to feel comfortable with and take ownership over their new Wix site. You'll receive training on how to access and manage their new Wix site anytime.​

  • You'll even have access to a whole bundle of super handy business tools like in-depth sales data, visitor analytics, and dedicated CRM (customer relationship management) tools. 

  • Congratulations! You're now the owner of a stunning new website!

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