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Importance of Websites

​According to a survey by Weebly, 56% of the consumers surveyed said they don’t trust a business without a website. Customers look to connect with companies digitally now more than ever, so establishing an online presence through a website, blog or social channels provides an excellent way for brands to do so. With a digital presence, brands can reach a broader audience than through traditional forms of communication, and they can continue to curate customer loyalty by remaining in constant contact with their brand advocates.​​

So, what are the options for businesses who want a website to reach their customers?

1) paying someone a bunch of money,

2) learning to do it oneself, or

3) buying a website template

Yet, a recent article from the Social Media Examiner reveals that 44% of small businesses don’t even have a website! Moreover, only 68% of those businesses update their websites no more frequently than once per month. So what’s the problem?

They’re usually limited to the following options:

Problem No 1

Getting a website is too difficult & time-consuming.


There’s no solution as simple as a social network to get a website online. In comparison, getting a “good enough” website is too difficult, time-consuming & expensive — so, most go without.

The numbers speak for themselves:


  • 88% of U.S. SMEs would choose a website over social media to represent them

  • Over 50% of U.S. & Global SMEs do not have a website

  • 45% of those without a site say creating a site is too expensive.


We here at Lux have the solution to those problems and to get your business online at an affordable price and in a fuss-free way. Interactive, easily updatable, responsive and mobile ready!

Your small business needs an online presence – and if you’ve spent any time with us, you’ll know that this is not negotiable. You need a website (even a simple one), a social media presence, and a strategy. But where to start? How do you know which online platforms to use when there are so many options? We’ve designed this checklist to keep you organised.

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