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Transworld Cargo

Transworld Cargo operates internationally from its own offices in Namibia. As part of a worldwide network of agents and logistic providers, our offering is characterized by service excellence with a strong emphasis on cost effectiveness, efficiency and reliability. Transworld Cargo provides international logistic solutions across international boundaries. Time and Cost Savings

  • Minimal sea borne transit times

  • No port delays due to congestion or weather conditions

  • Fast and efficient inland transit operations

  • Resulting in considerable time saving of at least a week due to shorter transit times Time saving, plus incentive Corridor pricing structure, result in cost savings

Reliability and Predictability

  • Import, Export and in transit clearing (bonded cargo)

  • Cross-border clearance (regional surface transports)

  • Modern and first class transport infrastructure in place

  • Spare capacities on port, road, and rail side

  • Ensures reliability and predictability of cargo deliveries

  • Convenience

  • High cargo security with low insurance risk

We did this website in collaboration with V5 Digital and it is the first phase of the website redesign.



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