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The Habit Lounge

Certified Holistic Coach & Mind Body Practitioner (MBFI).

Ami a certified Holistic coach, has this to say:

My core area of focus is the behaviour around and implementation of habits. I believe that we are a result of what we repeatedly do, and if we change what we do, we can change our result. Any area in which you would like to make changes or grow, will require you to form a new habit in order to support that change.

This is where I come in as a coach. Together, we will analyse your current habits and determine why you have them. Then, by using the various tools in my toolkit, we will start the process of implementing habits that support the changes you are seeking.

This is how I help you to live your best life! The great thing about coaching is that it does not end when your session ends. I am there to support you, be your accountability partner and inspire you along the way!



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