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African Soul Safaris Namibia

For the most authentic and personal African experience.

We worked tirelessly to ensure this beautiful and sleek website would be ready come Christmas! We worked with the owners Claude and Lara to develop a website that captures the essence of their business and what makes their hunting experience unique.

Africa Soul Safaris Namibia specialize in one-on-one hunting, providing a very bespoke, non-commercial hunt. ASSN caters for two hunters maximum per hunting safari. Quality, individualized hunting is our main priority.

Redefining the Hunting Experience. The foundation of ASSN (African Soul Safaris Namibia) is based on trust, integrity, sustainability, ethical hunting and transparency. They aim to provide an experience which outlives physical time, but rather interconnects with our clients’ souls. They are soulful. They are African. They are Namibian. They are African Soul Safaris Namibia.



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